Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Liebster Award

A while a go i was nominated to do the Liebster Award tag by http://inkyquillandpaper.blogspot.com (who has a fantastic blog and everyone should check it out), and i have finally found time to do it after a busy few weeks so here we go!

The Liebster Award tag post is where bloggers under 200 followers answer 11 questions set by the person who tagged them and then make up 11 questions of their own for the people they tag to answer.
The rules are:
  • Answer All The Questions That Are Given To You
  • Link Back To The Blogger(s) Who Nominated You
  • Nominate Bloggers Under 200 Followers
  • Provide The Nominees With 11 Of Your Own Questions
  • You Can't Nominate The Person Who Nominated You
  • You Have To Inform Your Nominees That You Have Nominated Them
Now time for me to answer my questions: 
  1. What's the number one place you want to go in the future?                                       I really want to visit Greece because I am fascinated by the history of it and I am such a tourist person!
  2. What's your favourite nail varnish shade?                                                                   I am really not a make up person so i don't wear nail varnish often. On the occasions that i do it is often pale colours!
  3. Who's the most inspirational person that you know of?                                                Most people i know i find inspirational in my opinion. My mind has gone blank and i really can't think of anyone more inspirational that the others. (I'm sorry i am so bad at answering these questions!)
  4. If you could live any where in the world, where would it be?                                       It has to be London. I just really love the city and because I am aiming for a career in Media I feel like London would be the best place for me to achieve my dreams.
  5. How do you prepare for blog posts?                                                                              I generally don't ever plan to blog. Often an idea to write a blog post will come out of something happening in my own life. Once i have an idea I generally put small guidelines down for what i am going to write and what order it bests flows in, but normally I just start writing my post and once i am started i normally finish writing it very fast.
  6. What is the most memorable holiday you've ever been on?                                           When I was younger i went on a day trip to Lapland (the home of Santa Claus) and it was a ram packed day with: tobogganing, baking cookies with 'Mrs Claus', being pulled on a sleigh by Reindeers and Huskies. It was the best day of younger me's life.
  7. Are you in education? If not, do you work?                                                                    I will be starting the second and last year of College (English College not American) next month. I am currently studying Radio Production and will hopefully continue to at University.      
  8. What's the best thing about running your blog?                                                             The best thing about running my blog is being able to write about topics i am passionate about without the fear of being judge?                                                                                            
  9. What's your number one beauty essential?                                                                     Sadly, I'm really not a Beauty person. I generally just wake up and brush my hair and get changed. (I'm sorry I am so boring)
  10. How do you see yourself in 50 years time?                                                                      I would like to have my own house with a partner and some pets. Hopefully i would have Children and Grand Children too. Apart from that I really don't know.                          
  11. What's your favourite social media site?                                                                         My favourite social media site is definitely Twitter. I am always on Twitter! However Tumblr is a very close second.
Right that is my questions answered and now I nominate: Gemma from gemmadawn30.blogspot.co.uk/ and anyone else who reads this and wants to have a go. 

And your 11 questions are:

  1. What was your first concert or if you haven't been to one what concert would you like to go to?
  2. What is your biggest pet hate?
  3. Do you have a bucket list and if so name three of the things on it?
  4. Do you have any pets and if not would you like any in the future?
  5. What is your favourite book?
  6. What do you do to relax?
  7. Do you have a favourite item of clothing and if so what?
  8. Have you ever met someone famous if not which famous person would you like to meet?
  9. What one item you own could you not live without?
  10. Favourite movie scene of all time?
  11. What do you hope to being doing in 20 years time?
Good Luck!

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