Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Maze Runner Advanced Screening (Spoiler Free Review)

Three Months ago I wrote a blog post about the Upcoming movie The Maze Runner and why I thought it would be a success (10 Reasons Why The Maze Runner Movie Will Be A Success). Now this post is going to be a follow-up!

On the 30th of August, I was privileged enough to go to an advanced screening of The Maze Runner in London as I won a competition. There were three showings throughout the day with about one hundred people in each, so that meant there were roughly three hundred of us who saw it that day. I was in the second showing at 2:00pm.

We were let in about 15 minutes early and were presented with a free t-shirt and The Maze Runner book. There was a short clip introduction from Wes Ball (the director of the movie) and then we watched the film.

I have to say in the lead up to watching the film I was as equally excited as I was slightly apprehensive about the film because this was my favourite book series and I really wanted the film to do the first book justice. I can tell you that it definitely did it. There were a few changes from the book, but that is always to be expected when switching the medium of the story as some things work differently in a movie to a book.

All though there were a few changes plot wise the characters were kept true and the cast played them all perfectly. In my opinion, they couldn't have chosen a better cast to play the characters. (I was especially pleased with the fact that they kept Newt's British accent strong. Thank you Thomas Brodie-Sangster.)

My favourite thing from the entire movie has to be the visuals and scenery. When I heard the books were being made into a movie I found it hard to visualise what the maze and the grievers were going to look like because they are both such complex characters (because let's face it the maze is definitely a character i. When I saw them both I couldn't imagine anything better. It was perfect especially with the fact that this film was done on a low budget of $30Million. Wes Ball seriously deserves many awards for the effort and talent he put into producing this movie.

What I love about the film is that you can tell everyone involved with it cared about the story and the characters and wanted to stay true as much as they could to the phenomenal book. As a really big fan of the books, I can say they definitely did this. Including a brilliant way of cameoing the author James Dashner so watch out for him,

I want to thank the maze runner uk for giving me the chance to see it so early and the cast/crew of the film for doing such an amazing job at creating the movie.

I recommend everyone to go see it when it comes out in cinemas. You seriously won't regret it!

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  1. Seems like such a great movie, I'm dying to see it!:)
    Great post<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  2. I've never read this book or heard of it D: Must put on reading list! If it's as amazing as it sounds in this review- it must be fantastic! *-*